About Arklay

Defense and Intelligence Solutions

Arklay, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), is a National Security, Intelligence, and Technology Services firm dedicated to providing technical, operational, and scientific services to protect public and private sector enterprises from physical, technical, and criminal threats against their operations and information security. Arklay provides solutions in the areas of defense, intelligence, surveillance, and cyber security to U.S. Government (USG) agencies.

Arklay’s principal staff is comprised of expertly trained professionals from the insider threat, intelligence, federal law enforcement, and special operations communities. Arklay's staff maintains eligibility, access and suitability to perform work at any U.S. Government security level.

Operations are organized in two portfolios:

  1. Operations Support
  2. Research and Development

Arklay is uniquely capable of providing a blend of strategic and operational solutions, technologies, and services designed for the intelligence and security communities. Arklay prides itself on delivering precise solutions to complex problems with insight and integrity.

Operations Support

Defense and Intelligence Focus

Arklay provides US Government (USG) services in support of national security objectives and federal law enforcement. Arklay …recognized leaders in Insider Threat, Cyber Damage Assessment.

Arklay currently employs national and defense certified professionals with current operational experience from a variety of Defense and Intelligence Community backgrounds.

Our intelligence and investigative analysis services are tailored to clients' needs based on industry background, corporate culture, and overall objectives. Our efforts in risk management, threat awareness, and damage assessment initiatives are predicated on a comprehensive understanding of these fields. It is an organization's responsibility to implement measures to lower risk exposure. Arklay helps bring that responsibility to action.

Research and Development

Intelligence Analysis Systems

As computer generation of data outstrips human ability to comprehend it, organizations become data rich and information poor. Arklay recognizes that modern analysis requires automated assistance in focusing attention on the areas worthy of further investigation.

Arklay provides fully developed data management and analysis capabilities to enable US Government organizations to convert high-volume data into high-value, actionable intelligence.

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